Monthly Archives: November 2010

Hello and welcome!

Welcome to my blog about music. Not content with airing my blinkered views in magazines and on websites, I’ve decided to start a blog (get me) – just in case there is some other stuff I’d like to spout off about. And there usually is. You have been warned.

So, here is a random thought. Just to get me off the mark.

I’ve been loving a new Irish band called My Pilot. I was sent their debut EP Spiders by AU magazine’s editor, Chris Jones. He wanted me to review it  with my usual levels of objectivity as the band contains one of my fellow AU scribes, Neill Dougan. Thankfully, any subjective bias was not required as the EP is a blinder; sounding like a heady mix of Sparklehorse, Grinderman (at their gentlest) and Spiritualised.

You can hear for yourself, er, here: