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Get Your Ears Round This – #6 The Twenty 20s

Every now and again I will be contacted by a musician who would like me to hear their band. This is always utterly flattering and always an honour. It is especially exciting when the music in question is pretty damn magical. A few weeks ago, an Australian singer called Hetty Kate wrote to me about her band The Twenty 20s. She sent me a beautifully packaged CD and I was immediately drawn into a world of late-night psychedelic jazz and love songs laced in moonshine.

Hailing from Melbourne, and bearing a name referencing 20-20 vision and nothing – as I lazily presumed – to do with cricket, The Twenty 20s are stalwarts of the city’s jazz and blues scene. The musicianship on display is stunning, but, the real gem in Hetty’s voice – stunningly evocative and tinged with an infinite sadness.

I’m so glad she got in touch.

Check them out here: