Ten Artists For 2012: #9 – Milagres.

9. Milagres.

While mountain climbing in Canada, Milagres’ lead singer Kyle Wilson fell and broke his back. While recuperating he wrote a set of songs that would become the Brooklyn band’s debut album, Glowing Mouth. That is a seriously good way to convalesce. The five-piece conjure up a palette of mountains, beaches and fading light, set against a regal backdrop of guitars, keyboards and Wilson’s delicate falsetto. Think TV On The Radio at their most tender or Coldplay when they were good.

Milagres will be my first major interview of 2012 – and I cannot wait to see them play Glowing Mouth in a live setting. Milagres means ‘miracles’ in Portuguese, which rather sums things up nicely.

Check out the video for forth coming single ‘Here To Stay’ at the following link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0LkpIRH50-I

Find out more about Milagres here: http://www.milagresmusic.com/


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