Ten Artists For 2012: #8 – Ghost Outfit.

8. Ghost Outfit.

More Mancunian majesty: Ghost Outfit are Jack Hardman and Mike Benson and for the last year or so have been making big burps of fizzing fury. Ghost Outfit’s recent single ‘Tuesday’ / ‘I Want Someone Else’ showcased their brimming talent – two guys, rattling melodies and enough emotional punch to floor Mike Tyson in his heyday. I’ve interviewed Jack and Mike for a future article. During our chat – which was held on the bunk-beds in the secret guest quarters at the Deaf Institute – Jack told me about the ‘vision’ for Ghost Outfit.

Warning: the following quote contains the phrase ‘two-piece’.

“We were tired of this awful, shoegazey indie. There were four of us in this band – we had a bassist and another guitarist – and it was only last year that we became a two-piece. So, from when we became a two-piece, there wasn’t a two-piece band in Manchester who weren’t trying to sound like a two-piece – in the way that No Age are not trying to sound like a two-piece. They try to sound like a full band which is what we try to do.”

That’s that sorted, then.

Find out more about Ghost Outfit here: http://ghostoutfit.bandcamp.com/


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