Ten Artists For 2012: #7 – Stealing Sheep.

7. Stealing Sheep.

I like it when bands invite me to their homes. It doesn’t happen often, but always beats a noisy bar or a smelly dressing room as a civilised place to chat. So, early this month, when I was invited around to Beck Hawley’s Liverpool flat to interview one-third of folktronic trio Stealing Sheep, all was good with the world. Becky is a graduate of the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts – or LIPA as it is known around these parts – which is sited at Paul McCartney’s old school. Along with bassist Emily and drummer Lucy, she formed Stealing Sheep during the summer of 2010. Their brand of melancholic, woozy folk quickly captivated local audiences.

After supporting the likes of Ólöf Arnalds and Emmy The Great, Stealing Sheep have recently released a sparkling mini-album, Noah & The Paper Moon, which collates their early singles, on the ever-inspiring Heavenly Recordings. The trio is currently writing their debut album proper. When I asked Becky about how the band settled on their sound, I was hugely impressed by their logical approach. “Well, we all met up in a café in Liverpool in July 2010 and we knew what each other could play and we all liked female harmonies – that is the reason it is three girls,” she told me. “Then, we each wrote down on a piece of paper all the bands we liked, made a playlist, swapped them and they were all completely different. Emily listens to Krautrock and Seventies psychedelic stuff, Lucy likes gypsy music and I like electronica. We decided to be heavier and a bit more dramatic. We didn’t want to be twee in any way, as it is three girls with cutesy voices. We didn’t want to fall into that Joanna Newsom thing, even though we like her. We didn’t want it to be soft. We wanted it to have a melancholic, haunting vibe.”

Listening to Noah & The Paper Moon, it would seem they got their wishes.

For the full interview with Becky for TLOBF, see here: http://www.thelineofbestfit.com/2011/12/introducing-stealing-sheep/

Find out more about Stealing Sheep: www.stealingsheep.co.uk



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