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6 responses to “Contacting me

  • Diz

    Hi John,
    Having read your blog citing upcoming bands for 2011 with interest i thought I’d tell you about a band I’ve really got into of late who i think have the potential to ‘make it’. They’re called The Lost Boys (myspace attached). They’ve already had 2 of their self-financed singles featured on BBC Introducing (South) and are due in the BBC Brighton Studio soon for a live session. I have nothing to do with them other than being a fan but thought I’d share with you to see what you thought. Particular faves of mine are ‘Flowers’ & ‘In My Sleep’. Hope you enjoy. Good blog btw!

  • Diz

    Hello John,

    Following up on my previous email, here’s a link to the BBC Introducing show featuring a live session from The Lost Boys. You can hear them at about 0.1.40 into the show, then again at about 0.35 & 1.05. There’s also an interview if you’re interested, just before the hour.

    I checked out The Heartbreaks on your recommendation by the way. Very good.


  • Dougie McCracken

    Hi John, I’d love to get some feedback on some of my music or some advice on what to do next. I’m based in Leeds and I’m in the middle of recording a lot more material to go up on my myspace page which will hopefully be up in the next few weeks.

    Many thanks,

    • John Freeman

      Hi Dougie

      hello – your mum has kept me updated with your burgeoning music career. I’d love to hear some stuff of yours. I’m happy to give you my advice – for what it’s worth.

      Speak soon.


  • Kristi Carlson – Please take a look at the attached press release from The Sons – their new video podcast is coming Sunday, Dec 4!

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